Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!

To all my readers, I hope you have a safe and happy holiday weekend!

P.S.  I am working on some new posts for next year (haha)!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

PSA: Chanel Spring Collection 2011 available online

Image courtesy of

Chanel's Spring Collection is available online!  If you purchase today, receive complimentary shipping, no code needed.  My order included the Black Pearl nail polish, because there is a distinct possibility it will sell out and I want to be able to show it to you!  I also got the eyeshadow quint and the gray eyeliner.  And yes, I'm toying with going back for the Rouge Cocos ;)

Thursday, December 9, 2010

PSA: 10% off Edward Bess Lip Wardrobe at Zuneta

Today only, Zuneta is featuring the Edward Bess Lip Wardrobe for 10% off!  At 279GBP, that's about a 31GBP savings, for those in the U.K.  I am not sure, but you  may be able to stack the discount with the current 12% off code (enter ZUXMAS10 at checkout).

Image courtesy of

The Lip Wardrobe features all of Edward Bess' original line of colors - the ones that he considers his favorites.

I haven't tried Edward Bess lipsticks or glosses, but the word in the blogosphere is that they are among the best lip products out there.  See The Beauty Look Book, Modesty Brown, London Makeup Girl, and Pink Sith just to name a few!

For those in the U.S., the Zuneta price works out to be around $437, but both Neiman Marcus (use code NMHURRY for free rush shipping until 12/16) and Bergdorf Goodman (use code BGRUSH for free rush shipping until 12/16) are offering it for $400.  At that price it's still waaaay outside my beauty budget, but thank heaven for small favors I suppose!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Becca Cosmetics Fallen Angel Collection and Friends and Family Sale

Although I have heard of the brand, I have never tried Becca Cosmetics before.  I saw the promotional shot of their Fallen Angel Collection for Holiday 2010, and I knew it was only a matter of time:

Image courtesy of

More photos, videos, and details after the jump!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Rouge Bunny Rouge Facebook Sweepstakes

Image courtesy of Rouge Bunny Rouge

From now until December 18, 2010 you can enter to win a fantastic Rouge Bunny Rouge gift set!  In honor of reaching their 1000th follower on Facebook, RBR has decided to present one randomly selected winner with a RBR Petite Present Box filled with one each of:

1) Metamorphoses mattifying primer
2) Brightening liner duo
3) Bronzing powder in At Goldscombe Bay
4) Decadent Duo in Rumba/Cubana (which I personally have and love!)

If you have tried RBR products, then I don't need to tell what an amazing giveaway this is and you have likely already entered.  If you haven't tried RBR products, I urge you to enter!  There's nothing to lose and if you win you get to try some truly fabulous full-size cosmetics :)

One entry per person.  Click here to enter!

Monday, November 29, 2010

PSA: Haus of Gloi Cyber Monday Treats!

I just placed my Cyber Monday order with Haus of Gloi - I admit I have become somewhat obsessed.  They are offering some previously sold-out products, as well as some specially-made products just for Cyber Monday.

No that's not creamy, delicious fudge ... it's Vice handmade soap!  Image courtesy of Haus of Gloi

More details after the jump!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Just wanted to say ..

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday full of loved ones and delicious food!  Be safe, and remember all your blessings today :)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

PSA: J.Crew Lace tee on sale ...

... in all colors, including black!  Click here or on the image to order!

I have been waiting for the black to go on sale for a while!  If you also fancy the black, I have a feeling that will go quickly so order soon.  The green is also lovely, and was worn by Michelle Obama on her recent trip to India.

P.S. I don't know why the image is blurry; Shopstyle must be having issues with image sizing.

EDIT:  I received this tee and I love it!  It fits true to size for me; took my usual size S.  The fit is loose and it is slightly sheer; a skin-toned bra or cami may not be necessary, but it might make you feel better.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Preview: Rouge Bunny Rouge Unassailable Loveliness

RBR have just launched their latest look, complete with some brand new products.  Introducing  "Unassailable Loveliness":

More details and promotional images after the jump!

Friday, November 12, 2010

J.Crew Drapey sequin tee in Dark Pewter

I just picked this tee (item 33541) up from J.Crew today with the 20% off knits promotion.  Sequins are the new ruffle ... they are all over the place this season!  I walked into the mall and it was like a unicorn had exploded.  Fortunately, I happen to love all things sparkly!

More details and a photo after the jump!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I'm still here! and Haus of Gloi

It's been hectic but fun in the last couple of weeks.  I'm currently in Seattle getting acclimated and scoping out neighborhoods with Mr. Addicted.  Next week I go back to Philly to take care of some things around the house to get that baby on the market.

I have a couple of packages waiting for me at home that I had hoped would arrive before I came out here, but alas they came a day late.  One of them is Rouge Bunny Rouge, heaven help me.

There have been a few things that have helped me keep sane through all the chaos.  I want to give a shout out to Haus of Gloi, which I decided to try after reading several raves on other blogs - good move on my part!  Haus of Gloi's Pumpkin Queen Sugar Exfoliant (now sold out) and Parkin Pumpkin Butter have been nothing short of life savers for me.

Image courtesy of Haus of Gloi

Read more about Haus of Gloi after the jump!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Checking in and Current Favorites

It's been hectic in the Addicted household, as we recently learned we will be relocating from the Philadelphia, PA area to Seattle, WA.  This is very exciting, but there is a TON to do in the coming weeks!  For those who might not be familiar with the geography of the U.S., that's about a 3,000-mile move.  We're thrilled for this opportunity, but YIKES!

As I mentioned, posting will be sporadic, but there WILL be posting!  Please, hang in there with me :)

I have some pictures and swatches in my camera that I will get to soon, but in the meantime I thought I would talk about some of the products I'm loving right now.

Read more after the jump!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

PSA: Sephora Friends and Family 20% off code is WORKING!, Inc.

Sephora's Friends and Family Sale for Fall 2010 is on!!  From today through November 3, use code FF2010 to get 20% off your entire purchase.  Order $50 or more and get free shipping!

I ordered:
What are you hauling?

**This post contains an affiliate link.  By clicking the link to make your purchase, you help keep this blog running!**

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

PSA: Free Shipping on Allure Best of Beauty Award Winners @ Sephora, Inc.Sephora is featuring free shipping on its winning products of Allure Magazine's Best of Beauty Award through today!

Click here  and enter code BESTALLURE at checkout to receive free shipping!

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Monday, October 11, 2010

Blog sale!

Part of what's been going on in the past week or so is that the Addicted family is MOVING!  That means I have got to clear out my closet and makeup stash in the coming weeks.  I've got some clothes and shoes posted now, and will be adding more including some makeup and skincare.  Click on the Blog Sale tab on the menu bar at the top of the page for more info.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

I'm still here!

My apologies for the lack of posts ... they will likely continue to be sporadic for a little while, but I promise I will keep them coming even if they are a little inconsistent.

I am not at liberty to say exactly what has been going on just yet, but it's big and very exciting for the Addicted household.  I will share soon!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Preview: Bobbi Brown Modern Classic Lip and Eye Palette - Holiday 2010

I saw the Bobbi Brown Modern Classic Lip and Eye Palette ($75 - Nordstrom) in promo pics on Musings of a Muse, and then saw it in photos at The Beauty Look Book and Karla Sugar. I knew it was only a matter of time until it came home with me.

More details and photos after the jump!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Review: MAC Venomous Villains - She Who Dares Mineralize Eye Shadow Duo

One of the things that arrived today in my MAC Venomous Villains order was the She Who Dares Mineralize Eye Shadow Duo.  It's much the same as My Dark Magic in formulation, except that the colors in She Who Dares are blue and green instead of the plum and violet of My Dark Magic.

More details and swatches after the jump!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Preview: Latest Rouge Bunny Rouge haul

Here's a peek at the Rouge Bunny Rouge products that arrived yesterday from Zuneta.  Squee!

Reviews to come :)

Monday, September 27, 2010

PSA: MAC Venomous Villains is LIVE!

Venomous Villains collection is available on the MAC site.  You have to search for the products (just type "villains" into the search box and they should come up), but they are there.  Enjoy!

Use code VILLAINS for free shipping :)

Preview: MAC Venomous Villains - My Dark Magic Mineralize Eye Shadow Duo

UPDATE: I have added swatches and more thoughts on My Dark Magic at the bottom of the post!

According to Christine from Temptalia, Venomous Villains will launch online in under an hour from now so I wanted to provide some IRL pics of My Dark Magic.  I have not worn or swatched it yet and hope to do so in the next couple of days before the official launch, but I thought the pics might help. As usual, you can click on any of them to make them larger.

More photos after the jump!

The Mondays

Just wanted to say that I am here but waaaay behind on my posts.  I traveled last week, somewhat unexpectedly, to Seattle and it's been a whirlwind from which I am still recovering. 

Some posts are in the works though ... I have a swatches and photos of Darkly My Dear from MAC Venomous Villains, an account of the butterLONDON launch at the Downtown Seattle Nordstrom, and along with some Rouge Bunny Rouge product reviews.

I am working to get the Venomous Villains post done in time for the launch, so watch for that one first!

Friday, September 24, 2010

PSA: 20% off EVERYTHING @ Zuneta!

Everything (including Rouge Bunny Rouge) is 20% off at Zuneta this weekend!

Use code WEEKEND to get 20% off your order. Shipping to the U.S. is free if your purchase is 100GBP or more. Expires Sunday.

I am going to check out the new liquid eyeliner from Rouge Bunny Rouge.  I'll have a post with the details and promo photos later this weekend!

**This post contains an affiliate link.  By clicking the link to make your purchase, you help support this blog and keep the reviews coming!**

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Preview: MAC Venomous Villains - Oh So Fair Beauty Powder

I was lucky enough to attend the Venomous Villains Preview Party at King of Prussia Mall last night!  I want to thank Morgan, Daryl, and Tracy for all their help.  These MA's were wonderful, and if you are at the KOP MAC store I would not hesitate to ask for any of them.  Daryl and Tracy helped my mom pick out some great new products, and Morgan, with whom I have worked before, made sure everything we wanted was set aside for us.  Thank you, ladies!

I picked up two products at the event:  The Oh So Fair Beauty Powder from the Evil Queen's Collection and the My Dark Magic Mineralize Eye Shadow Duo from Maleficent's Collection.  These were the only items that really caught my eye; I have to say that overall I was disappointed in this collection.  I'm probably in the minority I know, but hey we all have different tastes.

First up is Oh So Fair Beauty Powder ($25):

More detail and photos after the jump!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Review: Rouge Bunny Rouge When Birds Are Singing Long-lasting Eye Shadow in Delicate Hummingbird

I just placed an order with Zuneta for some more Rouge Bunny Rouge products!  I am addicted to this brand.  It's expensive, so I have to plan my purchases carefully ... but heaven help me I love it!

In the meantime, I thought it was high time I reviewed my RBR When Birds Are Singing Long-lasting Eye Shadow in Delicate Hummingbird, which I purchased a couple of months ago.  Here is a pic taken outside in daylight, no flash.

More details, photos, and swatches after the jump!

Friday, September 17, 2010

PSA: Urban Decay Book of Shadows Vol. III @ Sephora!

Click the image to purchase!  It sold out at UD's website within 10 minutes, so you might not want to think about it for too long.  You can always send it back or return it to any Sephora location!

I ordered mine, so I will be sure to post my thoughts after it arrives :)

PSA: J.Crew launches Factory Merchandise online!

This morning J.Crew launched an online outlet for its Factory merchandise.  The outlet is accessible through it's main website at (click here), and is available from Friday at midnight to Sunday at 11:59pm.  Items purchased through the Factory website can be returned either through the mail or at J.Crew Factory stores only.

I had heard that J.Crew might be launching its Factory stores online, and I was wondering how they were going to do it successfully.  I think making it a weekend-only event keeps it special enough that it will not dilute the brand.  I also think their choice of items to sell online is spot on - they have chosen to recreate best sellers from previous seasons.

My only concern is the hit-or-miss quality of the Factory outlet stores ... those of you who have shopped there know what I mean.  Those who have not experienced the "Crewlet" may be disappointed in some of the items, especially for the price (lower than J.Crew, but not low enough sometimes).  Nevertheless, I am happy to see the new Factory section on and am excited to see which items they feature in the coming weeks.

See some of my faves after the jump!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

PSA: Bobbi Brown available @ Sephora!

Thanks to glossmenagerie for letting us know ... Bobbi Brown products are now available at Sephora! Click here to take a look!

I think this is great because you can now accumulate your Sephora Beauty Insider points when buying Bobbi Brown.  Personally, I spend a decent amount of money with BB ... their Natural Finish Foundation is my absolute favorite, the lip gloss in Nude is a staple in my beauty bag (I mentioned it in the comments on this post), and they also make some great skincare products (the Extra Repair Eye Cream is a must-have for me in winter-time). 

This is great news!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Review: Bobbi Brown Black Velvet Sparkle Eyeshadow

Black Velvet is a Sparkle eyeshadow Bobbi Brown released with their eponymous Fall 2010 collection

Swatches and more details after the jump!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Review: Chanel Soho Collection - Rouge Allure Laque in Stunt

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After trying and loving the Rouge Coco in Stunning, I was very excited to try Chanel's Rouge Allure Laque in Stunt, also especially created for the Limited Edition Soho Collection.  The Soho Collection celebrates the re-opening of Chanel's Soho Boutique in New York City after an extensive remodel, and was inspired by the women of Soho and NYC in general.

Rouge Allure Laques are known for their amazing pigmentation, creamy formula, and long wear.  Stunt did not disappoint!

More details, photos, and swatches after the jump!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Review: Chanel Soho Collection - Rouge Coco in Stunning

Today I received my Chanel Soho haul - the lip products.  I have just a minor obsession with lipsticks and glosses, so when I saw these I knew I had to get them.  They are part of Chanel's Limited Edition Soho Collection in honor of the re-opening of Chanel's Soho boutique. I'll be reviewing both, but first up is Rouge Coco in Stunning.

More details and swatches after the jump!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Review: MAC Blankety and Half n' Half Lipsticks

I have been on the hunt for some great pink-nude lipsticks that would suit my NC20-ish complexion.  Two shades I settled on were both MAC amplified cremes: Half n Half and Blankety.  I was impressed with their creamy consistency, smooth application, and their opaque-yet-buildable formula.  They look like almost the same color in the tube, with Half n Half (left) just a shade darker than Blankety (right), but that is absolutely not the case!

Swatches and more details after the jump!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Rouge Bunny Rouge An Abbreviated Affair Collection - Fall 2010

I love RBR's fall look, called An Abbreviated Affair.  Red lips are hot for fall, and I'm loving that RBR shows that those of us with paler complexions can pull it off too!  Isn't she gorgeous?!

More information and promotional pictures after the jump!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Bobbi Brown Black Velvet Collection - Fall 2010 - Preview

Bobbi Brown's Black Velvet Collection is now available, and I have to say I am excited to try it.  I have gravitated away from BB recently because I felt like I was seeing the same thing from her over and over again, with occasional gems like the Chrome Palette from last winter.  The Black Velvet collection is unexpected in that it's somewhat more dramatic than BB's normal line, but it is classic enough that it fits in perfectly with the rest of her products.

More details and promotional images after the jump!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Review: Korres Cherry Oil Full Color Lipgloss - #22 Naked Rose, #25 Natural Purple, #30 Naked Beige

I recently picked up some of Korres Cherry Oil lipglosses after playing with them in Sephora.  I was impressed by the color selection, the moisturizing feel of the glosses, and the natural formula.

More details and swatches after the jump!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Korres haul coming soon ...

I have a number of Korres products that should be arriving today, so expect a review soon.  Yes, I have located my camera cord!

Also, I have decided to return the Babergh Dress.  I LOVE it, but I just don't have anywhere to wear it right now, and for $188 it just isn't worth it.  Maybe on sale though.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Anthropologie Babergh Dress on its way!

I finally couldn't take it anymore and I ordered the Babergh Dress from Anthro's website.  I was torn about which size to order, and I was ultimately able to make an informed decision after a) stalking other people's reviews, and b) calling Anthro customer service and getting the garment measurements for each size I was considering.

Some measurements after the jump!

Friday, August 13, 2010

New Product: Rouge Bunny Rouge Glide Concealer NAKED DISGUISE

This week, Rouge Bunny Rouge launched a brand new concealer called Glide Concealer - Naked Disguise.   According to RBR, "its creamy texture will effortlessly blend with your natural skin glow and colour, covering your secrets with a gentle but impenetrable, flawless veil."

More info and product images after the jump!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

PSA: Urban Decay Naked Palette back in stock at Sephora, carried at other retailers

Urban Decay's amazing and super-popular Naked Palette is now at Sephora, Ulta, and Macy's!

I love this palette and highly recommend it.  Seriously, you will not be disappointed!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Anthropologie Snakebite Belt Doppelganger

I was kicking myself for not getting the Snakebite Belt from Anthropologie, so I set out to find a reasonable facsimile to edify my fall wardrobe.  Lo, I came across this beauty at Urban Minx:

I actually like this better because of the weaved detail - I like the texture it adds to an otherwise simple belt.  The thing that kept me from the Snakebite belt in the first place was the elastic sides ... I thought it cheapened the look of the belt a little bit.  This is perfect though, and I can't wait for it to arrive.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Update and Summer Loves

I need to be better about announcing when I am taking a break.  My humblest apologies!

I did receive the Urban Decay Naked Palette before I left on my protracted vacation, and I used it every single day while I was away.  There are a number of reviews out there on it, so I don't think I need to do one (see Temptalia, MusingsofaMuse, MakeupGeek, VampyVarnish, etc.).  I will say that I agree wholeheartedly with their assessments of the palette, and I think that if you are all interested then you should pick it up when it comes back in stock.  I had never used Urban Decay before, and I am very impressed with the brand.  The eyeshadows are exquisite in texture and pigmentation, and considering that you get 12 full-sized shadows with this palette, the value is exceptional.  I'm so glad I tried this palette!

Over the past couple of weeks my skin has gotten back to normal after my Pangea Organics disaster.  I discovered Angel Face Botanicals after Tali from The Gloss Goss mentioned the company at the bottom of this post, and I ordered a sample of the Ambrosia Cleansing Grains.  The sample arrived yesterday, along with a sample of the Oil-free Lavender Hydrating Serum, and I am pleased so far.  I am even happy with the serum, which I am grateful that Jessica included.  We will see in a couple of weeks; I am hopeful about this one.

I seem to have misplaced the cord that allows me to download pictures from my camera to my laptop; when I find it, I will have some pictures for you!

In the meantime, here are some other things I have been loving this summer:

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Urban Decay Naked Palette - back in stock at Sephora

Urban Decay's Naked Palette sold out within hours when it was first released last week, but thankfully Sephora has just restocked it. The palette was supposed to be available on July 8, but didn't show up until a little earlier today.

Urban Decay is known for its awesome eye shadows, and though I've always wanted to try them, I have only tested them in store. This palette is a great way to try them out, because it contains 12 full size shadows (which normally cost $17 each), plus a travel size eye primer and a double-ended eye liner (which has also gotten high marks from users). I placed my order and will be anxiously awaiting its arrival!

Review: Pangea Organics Egyptian Calendula and Blood Orange Cleanser

I'm glad that project is over ... I literally stopped working only to sleep.  Back to the blogs!

For the past couple of weeks, I have been testing Pangea Organics Egyptian Calendula and Blood Orange Facial Cleanser, which I purchased during a 25% off sale they had on their website.  It's a milky cleanser with a bit of a strange scent that is hard to describe, but does smell natural nonetheless.  It left my skin smooth and refreshed, and was cleansing but did not strip my skin.  My face fest smooth and supple after washing with this cleanser, and I quite liked the results I was getting.  My skin was clear and clean, and I was actually able to use less moisturizer because of this cleanser.   I used it morning and night for almost two weeks, and stopped using it a few days ago when I suddenly broke out in two massive cysts on my chin.

I would love to give this cleanser a glowing review, and up until a few days ago I would have, but given the pain the lower part of my face is in right now, I will not be using this cleanser again and would not recommend it for anyone who has sensitive or acne-prone skin.

Looks like for now I will be going back to my Neutrogena Acne Stress Control Cleanser.  It's doesn't meet all my criteria, but so far it's the only thing that I have found to work on a consistent basis.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Happy Fourth of July Weekend!

It's been hectic around the Addicted household, and I am in the midst of a "project," shall we say.  I'll be back soon with a review of Pangea Organics Egyptian Calendula and Blood Orange Cleanser, and also Part III of my Rouge Bunny Rouge review (finally!).

I hope you have a safe and enjoyable holiday weekend! 

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My Current Acne Treatment Regimen

I was inspired by my recent honey post, and this post over at Temptalia.  I commented on what I've been doing to combat my acne, and I thought it would be fun to expound on what I've been doing lately and why.

I have instituted some criteria in choosing my products.  They must:
  • Contain natural and/or organic ingredients wherever possible.
  • NOT contain harmful chemicals.
  • Be cruelty-free.
My current process, from start to finish:
  1. At night, I take off my makeup with Yes to Cucumbers Cleansing Towelettes.  These contain only natural ingredients, are cool and refreshing on my sensitive skin, and remove all the junk from my face so the cleanser can get in and work its magic.  I get mine at Target or Walgreens.  They cost the same as the Neutrogena towelettes I used before, but the ingredients are so much better for my skin.
  2. I wash my face with my purple Clarisonic Mia, morning and night, with a gentle cleanser. I am still trying to find a cleanser that works for the long term, but the Clarisonic is a God-send.  I was using Neutrogena Acne Stress Control Scrub before the Clarisonic, and had good results with that so I started using the cream cleanser with the Clarisonic.  I want to purge chemicals and animal-tested products from my routine though, so I recently picked up some Pangea Organics Egyptian Calendula and Blood Orange facial cleanser, which I love so far and hope it works out, because my skin is so soft and smooth right now!  I just need to see how it works over the next few weeks.  It's a little pricey, but I'm willing to pay a little more for the right cleanser.
  3. Next, I spritz on a homemade toner of 2 parts witch hazel, 1 part Lush Tea Tree Water, and 1 part Boots Botanics Organic Rose Water. I chose these ingredients because they are known to be helpful for fighting acne; they have astringent and antimicrobial properties that make them effective against it. The rose water is also an effective anti-inflammation and balancing agent. What's even better is that they are all inexpensive, and variations can be found in your local drugstore. I spritz the toner on my face morning and night, letting it sink into my skin before moisturizing.
  4. Twice a week, after toning my skin, I apply a honey mask that I leave on for 20 minutes. I just open a jar of honey and spread it over my face. As I've explained, honey is antimicrobial and soothing on the skin, and the results have been wonderful!
  5. I have been moisturizing with MAC Studio Moisture Fix with SPF 15.  It's lightweight, hydrating, and gentle, plus it provides broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection.  At night, I add a drop of Pangea Organics Himalayan Geranium and Pomegranate Balancing Oil.  I've only been using the balancing oil for about a week, but I am very please with the results.  I was afraid it would break me out (oil on acne-prone skin just doesn't sound right), but I tried it anyway because I read glowing reviews.  I am happy to report that it has done the opposite of break me out ... a lot of the large pores on my face are smaller, and I have fewer blackheads since I began using it.  The ingredients are astounding; I've never seen such a healthful, nourishing combination of essential oils and extracts.  I'd say the same for all their products.  I'm very pleased with what I've tried so far, and hope to try more in the future!
Note:  Around “that time” of the month, I usually feel a cyst forming on my chin. As soon as I feel it, I wash my face with Lush Fresh Farmacy, concentrating on the area of the cyst. I do that once a day for a few days.  After washing with Fresh Farmacy, I put Neosporin on the cyst. I do that in the morning and at night. Neosporin is actually the best acne spot treatment I have used (and I’ve tried a million of them). Since I started using the Fresh Farmacy/Neosporin combination, the cyst doesn’t fully form and goes away within a day or two.

So that's my current facial regimen.  It's kind of exhausting sometimes, but it's working!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Power of Honey

My skin is extremely temperamental.  It's sensitive, combination, and extremely acne-prone.  Where my skin is on the oily side, I have some large pores that have a tendency to clog.   When I break out, it's usually one extremely large, deep and painful cyst in the area of my chin.  Where my skin is on the dry side, I am prone to flaking, redness and itching (also due to my skin's sensitivity).

For a long time I tried product after product to balance my skin, and nothing would really address all my  issues.  The anti-acne products were too irritating and drying, the moisturizing products would break me out, the products for sensitive skin wouldn't fully cleanse.  A few years back I read an article somewhere about the benefits of honey as a skin treatment, which piqued my interest.  I love honey, and spread on pretty much everything.  I prefer it to butter (although mixed with butter, honey is utterly delicious!) on breakfast breads and pastries, and there really is nothing like a peanut butter and honey spread over a banana for a delicious snack.

So when I read that the ancient Greeks and Egyptians used it regularly to heal wounds and burns, and that they revered honey for its properties as a humectant, antimicrobial agent, and anti-inflammatory agent, I decided to give honey a try for myself.  For a little while now, I have been using honey as a facial mask, and I absolutely love it.  I spread it on my face and let it sit for 20 minutes before using warm water to remove it.  I do this about twice a week or so.  Water dissolves the honey pretty quickly, and the result is soft, supple, hydrated skin that feels wonderfully fresh.  Honey has helped balance my skin by moisturizing the dry spots and controlling oil in the oily spots.  I did not have any reactions to the honey mask, and have not broken out in quite some time.  It's a miracle!

I've also tried honey for a couple of other purposes, and I will be posting about those soon.   I am so happy to have discovered even more uses for my beloved honey!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I went away at the end of last week, somewhat abruptly.  We decided to spend a much-needed week at the beach!  I'm home now, and will resume regular posting in the next couple of days.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Review: Benefit Eye Bright

Things have been kind of hectic around the Addicted household of late, and I haven't been getting as much sleep as I should.  I have been looking into products that will help conceal the effects of said sleep deprivation, and my research led me to Benefit's Eye Bright pencil ($20 at Sephora).

At first I was a little wary of the color.  This pencil is a pale pink, not a true white like a lot of other eye brightening pencils.  I was afraid the pink would make my eyes look bloodshot and highlight the redness and circles around my eye area.  Not so!  I applied the pencil to my waterline and was very pleased.  The pale pink actually looks more natural and less jarring than a pure white pencil looks.

 You can see from the arm swatch (no flash) that the color is much more subtle than a white pencil, but it doesn't really look pink either.  The results are eyes that look awake and fresh, even though they may not necessarily feel either of those two things.

The texture of the pencil is creamy, so it's very easy to apply.  It doesn't drag like other eye liners; the color goes on nice and smooth.  After it's applied, the color does seem to fade over time, but I've been wearing it for about 4 hours now and my eyes still look bright ... the effect of the pencil is definitely still noticeable.

Overall I am very pleased with Benefit Eye Bright, and will likely repurchase when I the time comes.  You get a lot of product with each pencil, so I don't think I will run out but rather proper hygiene will require a replacement.

What do you think of Benefit Eye Bright?

Free Overnight Shipping from MAC Cosmetics!

 For today only (6/16/10) MAC is offering free overnight shipping on any purchase with the code STEAL.

Here are my favorite items from MAC's latest collection, To The Beach:

Thrills lipstick is a beautiful shade that I have not been able to find anywhere else.  Perfect for showing off a tan.
I have been using the Beach Bronze creme bronzer almost everyday.  The color is buildable and the formula blends more easily than any other creme product I've ever tried.
Pink Rebel is a great highlighting liquid for my fair skintone.  It gives just the right amount of sheen and does deposit much color.  Love it.
This highlighting powder is the most sought-after item in the To The Beach Collection.  I was able to snag one, and I might have another to give away soon ...

Happy shopping!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Review: Rouge Bunny Rouge - Part II

Part II of my Rouge Bunny Rouge review features Succulence of Dew Sheer Lipstick in Fluttering Sighs and Hues of Enchantment Colour Burst Lipstick in The Plot Thickens.

RBR's Succulence of Dew Sheer Lipstick has a light yet spicy scent and a smooth texture.  It glides on nicely and feels quite moisturizing on the lips.  It also has pleasantly surprising color payoff for a sheer lipstick ... Fluttering Sighs in particular is a lovely peachy pink hue shot through with gold shimmer that brightens my complexion nicely.  It's perfect for when you want a nude lip with a little something extra. 

I was also pleased with how long this lipstick lasted.  It's not a long-wear product, so I was happy that I got at least a couple of hours' worth of wear from it before I felt I needed to reapply.

I will definitely be repurchasing this one over and over again.  Traditionally, I am more of a gloss girl than a lipstick girl.  I love the color and texture of this lipstick though, and will likely try some other colors.

Succulence of Dew Sheer Lipstick in Fluttering Sighs (click to enlarge):

 RBR's Hues of Enchantment Colour Burst Lipstick has a creamier and more luxurious texture than the Succulence of Dew Lipstick.  The color is also more opaque.  I found the formula to be hydrating as well, although I did feel it was less hydrating than the Succulence of Dew Lipstick.  It did, however, last longer than the Succulence of Dew.  

The Plot Thickens is a gorgeous peachy nude shade with very subtle shimmer.  While it is brightening, it is not as brightening as Fluttering Sighs.  In my opinion, The Plot Thickens is a wonderful complement to a sexy, smokey eye.

Overall I like this lipstick a lot, but as I tend to wear my makeup more casual, I find myself reaching for Fluttering Sighs on a more daily basis.  The Plot Thickens is a fabulous lipstick that I use when I am going out or for special occasions.  It's a great base for many of my lipglosses, and I love it paired with a smokey eye.  I'll likely repurchase this lipstick when the time comes, though I think I will go through the sheer lipstick in Fluttering Sighs much faster.

Hues of Enchantment Colour Burst Lipstick in The Plot Thickens (click to enlarge):

Here are swatches, Fluttering Sighs on top and The Plot Thickens on bottom (click to enlarge):

The shades look similar, but Fluttering Sighs is brighter, more pink, and has more shimmer than The Plot Thickens.  The Plot Thickens is nude with just enough pink in it to keep you from looking washed out.  The shimmer on The Plot Thickens is also much more subtle ... Overall, I would say The Plot Thickens has more of an opaque satin finish, while Fluttering Sighs is shiny and sheer with an apparent golden shimmer.

I think which one of these formulas you will prefer depends on your day-to-day makeup tendencies.  As a lipgloss lady myself, I found that the sheer lipstick fit better with my normal routine and aesthetic than the colour burst lipstick.  If you normally tend toward true lipsticks, however, you will probably find the colour burst lipstick moisturizing and luxurious.   I love both formulas for different reasons, and they both fill a gap in my makeup collection.  The price makes these lipsticks a bit of an indulgence, but in my opinion they are worth it.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Review: Rouge Bunny Rouge haul - Part I

I have been dying to try Rouge Bunny Rouge (RBR) since I first read about it a while back at The Gloss Goss. RBR is a relatively new brand (it started up around 2005) from Russia, and within the last year it made its way over to the UK. RBR formulas contain a lot of natural extracts, and the products are designed to be treatment in addition to color. The brand story imagines that the collection emerged from an Enchanted Garden, weaving together "a Victorian fairytale and a whispering sense of danger." The packaging is gorgeous - dark, shiny black with white blooming flowers and fluttering butterflies - and the names are equally enticing.

RBR is a high end brand. Their products run anywhere from about 17GBP ($25)to 66GBP ($100), with many products coming in around 22GBP or so ($33). Frankly it's more than I usually prefer to spend on cosmetics, but the brand has gotten such rave reviews that I was still dying to give RBR a try.

Currently, the only place you can purchase RBR products (provided you are in the U.S. or Canada) is through a British website called Zuneta. With taxes, shipping, and the awful exchange rate, shipping the already-expensive RBR line to the U.S. has been cost-prohibitive.

Well, at the end of this past May, just in time for Memorial Day (a Bank Holiday in the UK), Zuneta announced that it would begin to offer free international shipping on orders of 100GBP (about $150) or more. They also offered a 20% off any purchase promotional code good for the Bank Holiday weekend. I had to bite.

My haul arrived yesterday, and I have to say that the products do in fact live up to the hype. I was able to swing a few items with this haul because of the code ... they ended up costing about $25 each, which I consider to be a good deal for what I received.

The products I chose are:
  • When Birds Are Singing Long Lasting Eye Shadows - Unforgettable Oriole, Bejewelled Skylark, and Delicate Hummingbird
  • Feline Gaze Eye Kohl in Delilah
  • Succulence of Dew Sheer Lipstick in Fluttering Sighs
  • Hues of Enchantment Colour Burst Lipstick in The Plot Thickens
First up, two of the When Birds Are Singing Long Lasting Eyeshadows (22GBP/$33):

Unforgettable Oriole (shimmering white gold):

Bejewelled Skylark (shimmering deep chocolate brown):

These eyeshadows are nothing short of amazing. I have never tried shadows that were so pigmented and blended so easily on my lids. They are an absolute dream to apply. The radiance and depth of these shadows just can't come through in pictures.

Unforgettable Oriole is a great basic shade. The color reminds me a bit of Stila's Kitten eyeshadow, but the texture completely blows away anything Stila offers. It's the perfect highlighting shade for brows, cheekbones, whatever you'd like. It's pure shimmer ... no chunks of glitter, just a pretty pearlescent sheen.

Bejewelled Skylark is perfect as a liner shadow or for a chocolatey, shimmerimg smokey eye. It's a deep chocolate-brown with reflections of copper. Also, no glitter here; all shimmer. The color is deliciously rich and multidimensional. It comes up a bit washed out with the flash on my camera; the color is a bit deeper In Real Life (tm).

Here is a swatch, with Unforgettable Oriole on top and Bejewelled Skylark on the bottom (one swipe of the brush):

RBR asserts that these shadows will last 8 hours when worn dry and 14 hours when worn wet. I have only worn them dry, and I do think they are very long lasting. It took me several minutes to remove these swatches; I had to wash my arm three times.

I love these shadows and I definitely will be purchasing more the next time Zuneta offers a promotion. In my opinion, they are worth every penny of the pricetag. I absolutely cannot wait for this brand to come to the U.S.! I hope they do it sooner rather than later; until then I will just have to wait for Zuneta codes.

About Zuneta ...

If you are considering Rouge Bunny Rouge, I highly recommend Zuneta. You can set up an account and provide your phenotype (hair color, eye color, skin tone, etc.), and they will make product recommendations for you depending on the information you supply. This is especially helpful with products you can't see and touch before buying (like RBR).

The service at Zuneta is also very good. They shipped my order very quickly, and a customer service rep sent me a personal email to let me know that one of my items was backordered. He told me that it would be shipped to me immediately when it came back into stock, and he told me when to expect the item to ship. I received a shipping confirmation exactly when he said I would receive it, and the item is now on its way to me. My first shipment arrived nicely packaged in a Zuneta gift box, and the items (and a hefty sample) were swathed in beautiful purple tissue paper. I am very pleased with the service I have received from Zuneta, and will definitely order from them again in the future.

What do you think of Rouge Bunny Rouge and/or Zuneta?