Monday, November 15, 2010

Preview: Rouge Bunny Rouge Unassailable Loveliness

RBR have just launched their latest look, complete with some brand new products.  Introducing  "Unassailable Loveliness":

More details and promotional images after the jump!

Included in this look are several brand new products.  RBR says:

The ultimate choice among solutions found in the cosmetics industry with its creamy texture is our Glide Concealer NAKED DISGUISE which effortlessly will blend with your natural skin glow and colour, covering your secrets with a gentle but impenetrable, flawless veil. The three different shades, in the form of a crayon, are very comfortable to handle; making the most precise application possible and serving various needs such as hiding imperfections, light scars or fine lines. NAKED DISGUISE protects and supports the regeneration process of your skin with Castor Seed Oil, and has emollient and moisturising properties thanks to Carnauba Palm Wax, Candelilla and Beeswax.

(I purchased this crayon a little while ago.  I am fair but I have pretty dark circles, so I ordered the medium color, Thalia.  My initial thoughts - smooth application and great for travel, but has some trouble staying in place without setting powder.  I will post a review soon!)


The feather-weight texture of our Mattifying Primer METAMORPHOSES miraculously gives your skin a velvet matte suede glow; it removes the unwanted shine completely and evens out your skin tone. Pores are tightened without the shocking sensation of a stiffening mask. Instead, you will actually feel the nourishing care of the weightless fluid, and see the transformation promised by many but achieved effortlessly by ... METAMORPHOSES.

(I was lucky enough to win one of these in Zuneta's latest Facebook contest.  I will review it once I have received it and given it a proper test run.  Thanks, Zuneta and RBR! )

The very creamy and satin texture of our Brightening Liner Duo EYES WIDE OPEN glides on smoothly and ensures a tender application especially for the delicate skin around your eyes. The sheer pearlescent, milky white, highlighting side can be used to brighten up the inner and outer corners of the eyes and the brow bone. The soft and luxurious rose hues of the Brightening Liner Duo side make your eyes look instantly wide awake when applied on the waterline. This light rose veil looks more natural on the inner lid, especially for day make-up, compared to traditional whitening liner. The duo pencil’s mixture of natural oils and waxes makes the application incredibly light and soft. Our Brightening Liner Duo is the ultimate and indispensable way to maintain a fresh, sprightly and forever young glance.

(This product will be available soon at!)
Our luxuriously rich and creamy Make-up Melt Cleanser DELIQUESCE melts like butter with the warmth of your skin; add warm water to swiftly transform the butter into a heavenly milky sap that dissolves even waterproof make-up without a trace, while nourishing and pampering your face. Complete relaxation and enjoyment with a stunning cleansing and polishing result; what DELIQUESCE does and how it does it is pure enchantment.

Overall some exciting new offerings from Rouge Bunny Rouge!  I am glad they have brought out some new products, and I am looking forward to more new products to come!

Rouge Bunny Rouge is available exclusively through, a British company which ships to every country worldwide.  

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  1. Congratulations on your win! I really look forward to hearing what you think to the primer.
    Jane x