Monday, November 29, 2010

PSA: Haus of Gloi Cyber Monday Treats!

I just placed my Cyber Monday order with Haus of Gloi - I admit I have become somewhat obsessed.  They are offering some previously sold-out products, as well as some specially-made products just for Cyber Monday.

No that's not creamy, delicious fudge ... it's Vice handmade soap!  Image courtesy of Haus of Gloi

More details after the jump!

 The Black Apple Pumpkin Butter eluded me (curses!), but I did get a Pumpkin Queen Bubbling Scrub at a low low price, along with whipped soaps in all the special Cyber Monday holiday scents ("Reverie" scents) - Spiced Cocoa, Sweet Potato Treat, and Peppermint Cocoa.  And since I was springing for the shipping, I snagged some of the Vice-scented products from their permanent line which I had been dying to try.  

Spiced Cocoa Whipped Soap - Image courtesy of Haus of Gloi

Britton, the Master Potioner behind Haus of Gloi, describes the Reverie fragrances as follows:

Spiced Cocoa (Limited edition) - "Double the warmth, hot cuppa cocoa and mild wintery spices!"

Sweet Potato Treat (Limited edition)  - "For me, this is the epitome of holiday comfort food: Sweet potatoes with mild spices, butter and brown sugar baked off with marshmallows."

Peppermint Cocoa (Limited edition) - "When I was a kid, I used to infuse the milk for my hot cocoa with a bag of peppermint tea. This is just that, a hot cuppa cocoa infused with peppermint!"

This last one I just couldn't resist.  It sounds delicious, and evidently other agree as it is always selling out: 
Vice (Permanent) - "Steam billows rolling off a vessel of fresh made Turkish coffee, marshmallow goo tainted by graham cracker crumbs, toasted hazelnuts all blanketed in the blackest chocolate."
So far I have tried the Pumpkin Butters and Sugar Exfoliants, and they are among my all-time favorite products.  Click here to see my previous review of Pumpkin Queen Sugar Exfoliant and Parkin Pumpkin Butter.  I have very dry, itchy skin in the winter, and these products have become my first line of defense.

Since I posted that review I have used the Eggnoggin Sugar Exfoliant and Pumpkin Butter, and those are divine as well.  The formula of both products holds true across scents, and I have to say the Eggnoggin fragrance is a dead-ringer for its namesake.  If you are an eggnog fan or if you like spicy-sweet scents, you will love Eggoggin!

If you have not tried Haus of Gloi, I highly recommend their products.  The scents are truly unique and the quality is top-notch.  Best of all, they are 100% vegan and cruelty free.

The Cyber Monday Sale is going on now through tomorrow at 12pm PST, and stock is going fast.

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