Sunday, September 5, 2010

Review: MAC Blankety and Half n' Half Lipsticks

I have been on the hunt for some great pink-nude lipsticks that would suit my NC20-ish complexion.  Two shades I settled on were both MAC amplified cremes: Half n Half and Blankety.  I was impressed with their creamy consistency, smooth application, and their opaque-yet-buildable formula.  They look like almost the same color in the tube, with Half n Half (left) just a shade darker than Blankety (right), but that is absolutely not the case!

Swatches and more details after the jump!

Half n Half is a darkened pink-brown nude shade that pulls more brown than pink.  On my lips there is actually very little pink in it.  It's not a muddy brown though, and it nicely complements my NC20 complexion.

Blankety is a lighter pink-brown that pulls more pink than brown.  It is almost a hair too light for my complexion and picks up the redness around my nose and on my chin (which is flaring now due to a seasonal allergy attack).  However, with the right lip gloss layered on top, it is the exact the shade I wanted.  When it is a little darker, it does not play up the redness on my face.

These are swatches, with Blankety on top and Half n Half on the bottom.  The flash makes it a little difficult to tell, but the photo still shows that Blankety is more pink than Half n Half, which is darker and more brown.

Overall I like these lipsticks and will work them into my rotation.  The amplified creme formula is smooth and creamy, and gives good pigmentation with just one swipe.  You can definitely build the color with more layers.  I got about three or three-and-a-half hours of wear from these before my lips started to feel dry, which is great for me.  I will definitely be looking for more shades in this formula.

As for the colors themselves, I wish Half n Half were more pink, but it will work very well with the warm, rich tones for fall and later on during summer.  I am somewhat disappointed with Blankety because although in the tube it looked perfect, but I cannot wear it alone.  It might become easier to wear as my summer tan fades more and more.  It has faded significantly, but I am not yet back to my pale and pasty self.  If you are either paler than NC20 or cooler complected then Blankety might work better for you.

EDIT: Now that the rest of my summer tan has completely faded, I am finding Blankety to be my go-to shade!  It no longer plays up the redness and looks great when worn alone or with gloss over it.  For reference I am now somewhere between NC15 and NC20.


  1. Which lipgloss do you wear with blankety to make it more wearable? I have blankety and the MAC MA suggested wearing love nectar gloss with it but it's still not the color I'm looking for so any suggestions are welcome: )

  2. I like it with Bobbi Brown's lipgloss in Nude. Nude is in the same color family as Blankety but is a tad darker, so it keeps the same general pinky-brown color that I wanted but is more wearable with my skintone. I hope that helps you ... let me know if you try it :)

  3. gotta say, i LOVE blankety! as a fellow NC15 girl, never thought a pale, slightly brown-toned nude lipstick would work on me, but you're so right it has just enough pink to look really flattering. and theres something just so sophisticated about it; the richness of the Amplified Creme formula rocks, and i feel just really polished wearing the shade. it rocks all-round:)