Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Preview: MAC Venomous Villains - Oh So Fair Beauty Powder

I was lucky enough to attend the Venomous Villains Preview Party at King of Prussia Mall last night!  I want to thank Morgan, Daryl, and Tracy for all their help.  These MA's were wonderful, and if you are at the KOP MAC store I would not hesitate to ask for any of them.  Daryl and Tracy helped my mom pick out some great new products, and Morgan, with whom I have worked before, made sure everything we wanted was set aside for us.  Thank you, ladies!

I picked up two products at the event:  The Oh So Fair Beauty Powder from the Evil Queen's Collection and the My Dark Magic Mineralize Eye Shadow Duo from Maleficent's Collection.  These were the only items that really caught my eye; I have to say that overall I was disappointed in this collection.  I'm probably in the minority I know, but hey we all have different tastes.

First up is Oh So Fair Beauty Powder ($25):

More detail and photos after the jump!

 I haven't had a chance to swatch and test this out for wear (I will add swatches and details on wear later), but I applied it last night at the event and I was very happy with the glow it gave my cheeks.

MAC describes this shade as a "clean pink with gold pearl," and I agree with the clean pink part.  It reads as a neutral pink to me (it is photographing cooler than it appears in real life, no matter what I do), but I do not see any gold pearl; this applied pretty much as a matte, maybe a matte-satin on me.  Any sheen on it is very subtle.

I also liked that it is buildable; it goes on sheer but I was able to build it to the point wear I actually was afraid it was too much on me.  This will work very well for paler skin (I am about an NC20 for reference), but if you are medium to dark it might be too light for you.

You get a lot more of this product (.35oz/10g) than you do with regular MAC blushes (.21oz/6g), which to me justifies the extra cost.  The MAC blushes in this collection are $19.50, and the beauty powders are $25.

Cute packaging:

No flash:

With flash:

Technically you can use beauty powder all over the face (almost as you would a bronzer) because of its sheerness, but I will only be using this as a blush. I was in the market for a pure pink blush, and this shade fits the bill. It's not overly unique though, so if I weren't specifically looking for a blush I probably wouldn't have purchased it.

EDIT:  I used this as a blush throughout my trip to Seattle last week and I am happy to report that it was a great purchase.  I wore it everyday, applying it in the morning, and it lasted until I came home in the evening.  It gave me a nice flush and hung on no matter where I spent the day, whether it was on a plane or outside in Pike Place Market.   Again, I really like that it's so buildable ... when I came back to my hotel room I just layered more on for a more dramatic evening look.  I recommend this one!

What do you think of Oh So Fair?

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