Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Rouge Bunny Rouge Eye Shadows - Electrifying Storm-Petrel, Solstice Halcyon, Volcano Fairy-Wren

My latest order from Zuneta has arrived, and I couldn't be more thrilled!  I ordered three Rouge Bunny Rouge eye shadows: Electrifying Storm-Petrel, Solstice Halcyon, and Volcano Fairy-Wren.   I chose them because, after being inspired by Chanel and Chantecaille, I wanted to use them in some party looks for the upcoming season.  These stunning neutrals are wonderful additions to my collection.

From left: Electrifying Storm-Petrel, Solstice Halcyon, Volcano Fairy-Wren
See swatches and photos after the jump!

It's another cloudy day here in the Pacific Northwest, so I did my best with the photos.  All of them were taken in daylight without flash.

RBR describes Electrifying Storm-Petrel as an "Intense, silver-frosted gunmetal grey."  I find that description to be accurate.  In addition, there is a slight iridescence to the silver reflections that is difficult to photograph.  It's a gorgeous shade.

Solstice Halcyon is one of RBR workhorse shadows.  It's a versatile neutral that can be used on its own or as a blending agent with other shadows.  RBR describes it as "Semi-matte mauve beige," which is spot on.  It shows up more nude than mauve in my photos, but rest assured there is a definite mauve tinge when viewed in person.  It has what I would describe as a satin finish that lends a certain luminosity to the color.

Volcano Fairy-Wren is what RBR calls "Charcoal-dust black, with silver accents."  Another accurate description.  The silver reflections are subtle, especially when compared to Electrifying Storm-Petrel; Electrifying Storm-Petrel has more of a frosty finish, whereas this shade has a more luminous, 'lit from within' quality to it.

Here are swatches with flash (top) and without flash (bottom):

Electrifying Storm-Petrel, Solstice Halcyon, Volcano Fairy-Wren
Electrifying Storm-Petrel, Solstice Halcyon, Volcano Fairy-Wren
I made the swatches with a couple of quick taps of my finger on the shadow and then one swipe on my arm.  The bottom photos without flash came out terribly due to the poor lighting, but I wanted to include them anyway.  I will update this post with better swatches when I am able to do so.

The formula of these shadows is a dream.  Electrifying Storm-Petrel was more difficult to blend than the other two, which were buttery soft and highly pigmented.  That's not to say ESP isn't a great shadow; it's still fantastic and easy to work with, I just found the other two to be particularly outstanding.  

I typically get a full 10 hours of wear with these shadows; I've never tried to wear them longer than that, though I suspect I could.  Last night I wore these three along with Delicate Hummingbird and Unforgettable Oriole for about 8 hours, and when I took them off before bed they were still exactly as I had applied them.

I purchased these shadows from Zuneta, who shipped them to me in the U.S. practically overnight.  I placed my order on a Friday, and on Monday they were delivered.  Fantastic!


  1. Thanks, Jen! I love RBR shadows :) They are always so lovely, and the quality is top-notch.