Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Summertime de Chanel Le Vernis in Holiday vs. Chanel Distraction

I received a question about Holiday versus Distraction (released earlier this spring with the Les Roses Ultimes de Chanel Collection).  It's quite overcast today, my nails are not in the best shape, and the swatch is sloppy (sorry!) but I thought I would post a photo to show how they compare (or don't, really) to each other.  Observe:

L: Chanel Distraction; R: Chanel Holiday
In this photo, Distraction shows up a bit more pink and less coral than it actually is, probably because of the fuschia shimmer in it.  Holiday shows up pretty true to color, maybe just a tad lighter.  You can see that they are very different, so if you already own Distraction you can order Holiday without worry.

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