Saturday, April 14, 2012

Rouge Bunny Rouge Gleaming Temptations Lip Gloss in Love Tricks

My Rouge Bunny Rouge order appeared on my doorstep in record time!  I ordered Thursday, and it arrived today (Saturday) via USPS Priority Mail.  Well done, Beautyhabit!

I ordered two RBR Original Skin For Love of Roses blushes: Gracilis and Habanera.  They came with a full size Gleaming Temptations lip gloss in Love Tricks.  First I will show you Love Tricks, as there don't appear to be many swatches out there.

Rouge Bunny Rouge Gleaming Temptations Lip Gloss in Love Tricks

More details and swatches after the jump!

RBR Gleaming Temptations Lip Gloss in Love Tricks, with flash

Rouge Bunny Rouge describes Love Tricks as "a sheer, pale lilac mauve with a fine, milky white opalescence."  This is spot on.   It looks dark in the tube, but applies sheerly to impart just a hint of color on my lips.  The color is a cool pink that leans purple, but has enough warmth and enough sheerness to keep it from being too cool.  The opalescence comes across as a milky pearliness, which looks quite lovely when applied.  The picture of the tube with flash is a more accurate representation of the color in the tube than the first picture, which looks a bit faded.

Here are swatches on my arm:

RBR Gleaming Temptations Lip Gloss in Love Tricks

RBR Gleaming Temptations Lip Gloss in Love Tricks, with flash

In direct light, the pearl reflects white and almost a light fuschia.  Very pretty!

I have reviewed the RBR Gleaming Temptations formula before, here.  This shade of gloss feels similar  and has the same multidimensional shimmer to the first one, although the shimmer in this shade is more of a fine opalescence, even more fine than the previous shade I reviewed.  It glides on smoothly, isn't sticky, and reflects nicely in the light.

I compared the formula to Chanel's Glossimers before, only because of the sheerness and highly reflective qualities (that's where the similarities end).  Gleaming Temptations glosses, by design, impart only a hint of color with some shimmer and a lot of shine, so if you are looking for pigment these glosses will not be for you.  The shimmer on this particular shade is more fine than most of my Glossimers, but looks just as complex in light with more of a softness to it.  If you like shimmer but you don't like glosses with large glitter or that gritty feeling that can sometimes accompany them, you will probably like these.  They glide on easily, feeling almost cushiony on the lips, and have decent lasting power.

Overall I like this formula because it adds polish alone or over a lipstick, and I find it somewhat moisturizing on my lips.  Although I am not sure how unique the shade is, I don't have many cool-toned pinks so this is a nice addition to my collection.  It's nice because the sheerness makes it a cooler pink that many skin tones will be able to rock. is offering Love Tricks as a gift with the purchase of two or more Rouge Bunny Rouge items.  Use the code LOVERBR.  The offer is good until 4/25/12 or while supplies last.  This was my first purchase from Beautyhabit, and it was a great experience.  Lightning fast shipping, plus some great samples in addition to my order.  I'll definitely be back!


  1. such a beautiful color <3 Great review!

  2. What a pretty petal pink. I can imagine this would make for a very fresh look!