Monday, April 23, 2012

Burberry Beauty Iconic Nude Collection Summer 2012 - Lip Mist Swatches


My Burberry Beauty counter had testers of the new Lip Mist shades coming in their Iconic Nude Collection for summer.  They are $30 each and will be added to Burberry's permanent line.  They are:

  • Pink Heather No. 210 (neutral-cool medium pink)
  • Nude Honey No. 211 (nude beige)
  • Nude Peach No.  212 (effectively, a nude peach)
  • Field Rose No. 213 (warm rosey pink)

Top to bottom: Nude Honey, Nude Peach, Field Rose, Pink Heather
It's a little hard to tell in this pic, but Nude Peach and Field Rose do look different when applied.  I would say they go on true to their descriptions above (as do the others).  The formula is meant to be a sheer lipstick/gloss hybrid, so you won't get much in the way of opacity with these (EDIT: although they are more opaque than a lot of lip glosses IMO).  They add noticeable color while still allowing your natural lip color to come through.  I find that they glide on easily and add moisture to my lips.

I wanted to swatch the new Sheer Summer Glow Palette ($50), but my SA Angie said the tester unfortunately had been stolen and it was the only palette they had.  The Iconic Nude items are not yet in store; they will arrive next week.  Angie told me the palettes are limited edition and they will only be getting a very small number of them (about 50).  You can pre-order by calling Angie at the Nordstrom Bellevue Burberry counter at 425-455-5800 x1043.  EDIT: I forgot to mention that Nordstrom will ship for free!

EDIT: Added promo image up top.


  1. I am in love with nude peach and field rose.
    Thank you for the lovely swatches :)

  2. Peiji - You're welcome, and thanks for visiting! Those are my favorite too. I pre-ordered Field Rose, but I keep thinking I might want to add Nude Peach as well.

  3. Oooooo nude peach WILL be mine!!!

  4. Thanks for these, I like the look of at least two of those :)

  5. Tali - I am adding Nude Peach to my order. I thought I might have similar colors, but I honestly don't care.

    Replica - You're welcome!

    Michelle - I can't wait to see it in person!