Saturday, April 21, 2012

Summertime de Chanel 2012 - Rouge Coco Shine Comparisons

I have done a quick swatch of the new Rouge Coco Shines for Chanel's Summer 2012 Collection, Summertime de Chanel.  I swatched the two new shades, Empreinte (shimmery sheer nude) and En Vogue (shimmery sheer coral).  Empreinte is so pretty and shimmery but it barely shows up so I didn't think a comparison was really necessary.  I thought it might be helpful though to compare En Vogue to some of the other corally shades in the Rouge Coco Shine range.  Here you go, in direct sunlight:

Top to Bottom: Rebelle, Sari D'eau, Empreinte, En Vogue, Flirt

I was surprised that I really liked En Vogue.  It looks pretty orange in the tube, but applied it has some pink in it that makes it more wearable.  It is remarkably similar to Flirt, which MAYBE has a bit less pink in it.  With the formula being so sheer, I would say that you don't need both.

I hope the swatches are helpful!  I made some purchases, so there is more to come from Summertime de Chanel :)

UPDATE: The collection is now online at Chanel's website.  Free shipping on any order til 5/4/12!


  1. Thanks for this! Im deffo getting a bronzer and now maybe a lipstick...

  2. thanks so much for this review!! I already own Flirt and knew about the free shipping being offered currently on, but after seeing these wonderful swatches, I know that I can cross en Vogue off my list and get something else!

    Do you think that the new "Orangie" nail color is similar to Distraction?

    I'd love to hear your thoughts before I lock and load, so to speak!

    Thanks again for the great photos!

  3. Tali - I'm interested in your thoughts on the bronzers. They are softer and more shimmery than last year's. I haven't decided how I feel about them yet.

    Hi Michelle! My name is Michelle too :D The new orange nail polish, Holiday, is not similar to Distraction. I have both of them, and holding them side by side, they are very different. Distraction is a bright pink coral with fuschia shimmer, while Holiday is a bright medium to dark orange cream. I know that some press materials have characterized Holiday as a coral, but it doesn't look coral to me at all. It is definitely orange maybe with some red in it; I don't see any pink or coral in it. Distraction, on the other hand, is definitely coral to me and has quite a bit of pink which plays nicely against the fuschia shimmer. I hope that helps!

  4. Michelle - I posted a pic comparing the two. I hope it's helpful :)