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Summertime de Chanel - Soleil Tan de Chanel Sable Rose vs. Bronze Rose

I was curious (and I know others are as well) about how Chanel's new Soleil Tan de Chanel in Sable Rose compares to last year's Bronze Rose*, which is similar in concept and has identical packaging.  Despite the overcast weather here, which is really hampering my blogging efforts the last couple of days, I did my best to take some pics.  I love Bronze Rose from last year's collection.  I have a hard time with bronzer because of my pale skin, and Bronze Rose was just perfect for me.

How does Sable Rose measure up?

L: Chanel Bronze Rose; R: Chanel Sable Rose
Swatches and details after the jump!  As always, click the images to make them larger.

The vibrancy of the colors isn't quite coming through, but  you can get an idea.  The pink stripes in Sable Rose are a mauve rose, while the pink stripe in Bronze Rose is a bright warm pink with  maybe a hint of peach in it.  The pink in Sable Rose is much deeper and not as bright as the pink in Bronze Rose.  The bronze stripes in each bronzer are similar in tone, but there are some differences.  The lightest stripe in Sable Rose is a very light beige.  The lightest stripe in Bronze Rose is a light nude with some pink.  The other bronze stripes are similar, except that the darkest stripe in Bonze Rose is deeper than the bronze stripes in Sable Rose.  Sable Rose has a shimmery gold stripe, which Bronze Rose does not.  I don't see microglitter in Sable Rose but it does have a bit of a sheen.  Bronze Rose is infused with some golden micro glitter throughout, although it is very subtle and quite sparse.

Both bronzers are finely milled and cross over into being powdery; when you swipe the brush across them, quite a bit of product kicks up.  They apply easily though and are easy to blend.  They do not look powdery on my skin.

Top: Sable Rose; Bottom: Bronze Rose
This is the best picture I was able to snap, and it turned out more decently than I thought it would (yay!).  The nuances were difficult to capture, but you can at least see that Sable Rose is deeper and different in color than Bronze Rose.

When swatched, Sable Rose comes across as a mid-tone bronze with a definite mauve rose overtone.  It has a pretty mauve rose sheen to it.  Bronze Rose is lighter, brighter, and warmer; less overall bronze, more light warm bronzed pink with a warm pink sheen.

I am a B10 in Chanel with my best MAC guess being NC15-20 (take a look at the FAQ section to see my foundation matches), and Sable Rose looks pretty on my skin.  It is almost definitely a bronzer, whereas Bronze Rose could be more of a blush if I want it to be.  The mauve rose tones keep Sable Rose from being too bronze on me though, and it will look lovely when I've gotten some color in the summertime.   Both bronzers are buildable, but I feel like it's easier to get depth with Sable Rose than with Bronze Rose.

If you liked Bronze Rose and are very pale, I would try Sable Rose before buying (or buy from a retailer with a lenient return policy), because if you are very pale Sable Rose might look a bit muddy, or maybe even orange, and with the thinner stripes it is difficult to customize the color.  At least, more difficult than with Bronze Rose.  That being said, I think Sable Rose will fit a variety of skin tones; deeper skin tones will likely have a lot more use for Sable Rose than they did Bronze Rose, which may have looked powdery on them.

While the two are similar, for me they are different enough to own both.  I don't know that Sable Rose is a must have,  but if you are into Chanel and you liked Bronze Rose then you will probably like Sable Rose as well.  If I had to pick between the two though, I would go with Bronze Rose because I'm picky about bronzers and I like that I can be more targeted in the colors I pick up.  There are going to be times when Sable Rose will be too bronze for my purposes, while Bronze Rose is a more versatile product for me.  That being said, I am happy with Sable Rose.  It's a nice addition to my collection.

So that's my take on it.  I'd be happy to answer questions - leave a comment and I'll get back to you!

*Bronze Rose is long gone from stores but is still available at Izzy's Beauty Shoppe for a markup.  I have had good experiences with them before, but buy at your own risk.

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