Friday, November 12, 2010

J.Crew Drapey sequin tee in Dark Pewter

I just picked this tee (item 33541) up from J.Crew today with the 20% off knits promotion.  Sequins are the new ruffle ... they are all over the place this season!  I walked into the mall and it was like a unicorn had exploded.  Fortunately, I happen to love all things sparkly!

More details and a photo after the jump!

The sequins on this tee are fabulous!  I loved that this is an easy top that can be worn for dressed-up occasions.  It is not for the faint of heart ... if you are sequin-shy, this is not the top for you.  I found the sequins to be much more reflective (but not mirror-reflective) in real life than in the product shot.  I loved the effect in person, but if you don't like sparkly sequins then maybe try the pink version of this top; the sequins on that one were a little more matte, as I recall.

I apologize for the bad camera-phone pic.  It's all I've got right now, unfortch.

Not gonna lie, the sequins make the tee a little rough underneath.  I got used it it quickly though and figured that I can always wear a thin cami underneath if I'm feeling sensitive.  In general, I am kind of sensitive to garment texure and it was ok for me, but if you are picky about texture then I recommend trying in-store before you buy.

The fit was true to size for me, even though the sizes for this one go all the way down to XXS (at J.Crew such garments usually run large - not so here!).  I took my normal size S without a problem.  The 3/4 sleeves are form-fitting and the body is a little loose (ehem, drapey), which I love.  The neckline is a wide scoop; my entire collarbone was visible.  So flattering!

Do you plan to take advantage of J.Crew's current 20% off knits promotion?


  1. I bought this top as well and love it!! What are you going to pair it with? I mean, jeans are obvious, but I was wanting to create an outfit and was having some trouble.... plus I didn't like putting a blazer or cardi over the sequins, so that kind of limits things! The SA at my store thought maybe you could put a button-up underneath? Just wondering how you were planning to wear it!?

  2. Hi Lindsey! Besides jeans, I was thinking of pairing it with a charcoal or black mini, some black tights, and black booties. I think a button-up shirt underneath would look good with the mini and tights combination as well as with jeans ... it would give the look some polish.