Friday, August 13, 2010

New Product: Rouge Bunny Rouge Glide Concealer NAKED DISGUISE

This week, Rouge Bunny Rouge launched a brand new concealer called Glide Concealer - Naked Disguise.   According to RBR, "its creamy texture will effortlessly blend with your natural skin glow and colour, covering your secrets with a gentle but impenetrable, flawless veil."

More info and product images after the jump!

Glide Concealer - Naked Disguise is priced at 22.50GBP (about $33.75USD) and comes in three shades:

Thalia (Semi-opaque natural light beige)
Eunice (Semi-opaque medium peach beige)

Clio (Semi-opaque warm ochre beige)

RBR goes on to say:

"The formulation of our three shades, named after the exquisite nymphs, is the ultimate choice among solutions found in the cosmetics industry."

"Our Glide Concealer comes in the form of a crayon, and is very comfortable to handle; making the most precise application possible and serving various needs such as hiding imperfections, light scars or fine lines."

"Naked Disguise protects and supports the regeneration process of your skin with Castor Seed Oil, and has emollient and moisturising properties thanks to Carnauba Palm Wax, Candelilla and Beeswax.  You will swiftly feel the presence of one of these three nymphs, to help you keep behind the scenes whatever you choose not to show."

Here are some more promotional images of the different shades (Thalia, Eunice, and Clio respectively):

I am excited for this concealer, as I am always on the hunt for my HG concealer to cover my under-eye circles, and I have been very impressed with the Rouge Bunny Rouge products I have already tried (Click here and here for my other two reviews, and I have another one on the way!).  RBR is a luxury brand, but in my experience so far the products are worth the price tag.

I like that this concealer is in the form of a crayon (SO much neater and more travel-friendly), but is supposed to glide on very smoothly.  So many concealer crayons don't go on as smoothly as they should and end up pulling at my delicate skin.  Creasing is also a frequent issue with under-eye concealers - I wonder how this stacks up.  At about $33 this concealer isn't exactly a bargain, but if does what it says, my search may be over.  

With my next order I also need to purchase another Succulence of Dew Sheer lipstick in Fluttering Sighs, as mine unfortunately broke after a couple of weeks' use.  It is my absolute favorite lipstick so I still use it with a lip brush, but it's pretty awkward and it would be much less hassle to be able to bring it with me without a brush.

Rouge Bunny Rouge is sold exclusively at, a British website which ships internationally (as in not just outside the UK, but also to North America and other locations outside Europe).  They even have free international shipping if you order over 100GBP.  That's not cheap, but with a promo code and the free shipping you can get a pretty decent price.   I am still holding out hope that Rouge Bunny Rouge will come to the United States soon!  Still, Zuneta is a good company and I recommend ordering from them.  Scroll to the bottom of this post to learn more about my previous experience with them.

I hope Zuneta has another bank holiday promotion at the end of the summer ... as of now, it's the only way I can feed my Rouge Bunny Rouge addiction!

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