Thursday, June 21, 2012

Burberry Beauty - Fall 2012 Collection Tidbits

Burberry Beauty Fall 2012 - image c/o

Last weekend I caught up with Angie at the Burberry Beauty counter in the Nordstrom Bellevue Square.  She had a lot to tell me about Burberry Beauty's fall releases.  No pics yet, but hopefully they, along with some more details, will come soon.

The look will be a softly smoked eye with neutral cheeks and lips, as seen in the image above.  

1. Eye palettes - Burberry will be releasing its first ever eye palettes this fall, designed to create a soft, smoky eye.  There will be four, each with its own color theme.  Right now we know there will be a mocha-themed palette and purple-themed palette.  More details as they are available!

2. Matte foundation - Burberry will be adding a matte foundation to its line-up.  I can't wait to try this one.

3. New eyeshadow shades - Burberry will roll out several new shades of its sheer eyeshadow, and will be discontinuing some of the old ones.  At least some of the new shades will be updated versions of the discontinued ones.

At this time, it looks like all of these products are additions to the permanent range.

We have some great things on the horizon from Burberry Beauty.   I am anxious to see them in action; Burberry has an impressive range thus far, and I'm always thrilled with their products.  When I learn more, I'll definitely share it.


  1. Thank you so much for sharing this, I can't wait for the palettes :)

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  3. Interesting! Fall collections are always my favorites....

  4. I'm assuming the discontinued shades are the least popular, but you never know...