Friday, July 13, 2012

Chanel Joues Contraste in Fleur de Lotus

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Early Access for Cardholders is in full swing, and there are some great deals to be found.  Not to worry, if you are not a cardholder, you will be able to shop on July 20 when I am told there will be much stock replenishment.

Chanel is offering the Fleur de Lotus collection, an Asia exclusive earlier this year, as part of the Anniversary Sale.  It is available only at counters, not on the web.  I picked up the much-heralded Joues Contraste in Fleur de Lotus, and it does not disappoint.

Some pieces from Chanel's Fleur de Lotus Collection

More details and swatches after the jump!

Fleur de Lotus is a soft but lively pink coral that instantly brightens the face and will flatter many skin tones.  It comes in the European baked formula, making it softer than the average U.S. Joues Contraste. It is very finely milled and kicks up quite a bit of powder when you dip your brush into it, but it is certainly not lacking in pigment.  It also blends beautifully, giving the skin a lit-from-within quality that I usually only see with certain cream or liquid blushes.

Chanel Joues Contraste - Fleur de Lotus

The above photo was taken in direct sunlight.  You can see the warmth and subtle shimmer sheen.  There are very tiny microshimmer particles in it that show up on the skin only in direct sunlight.  Nothing garish that you can see from far away, just enlivening and pretty.  Otherwise, the color just has a light glow to it.

I swatched Fleur de Lotus with a sponge-tipped applicator, and it swatches true to the color you see above.  The swatch below on the left is one light swipe.  I did not pick up as much as I could have.  To the right, I did the same thing and blended it out to show the color on skin.  Click to enlarge.

L to R: Chanel Joues Contraste - Fleur de Lotus -  swatched, blended

I was wondering if Fleur de Lotus would live up to the hype, and in my opinion it does.  I like that the color is buildable and blendable to my liking, and that it looks so natural on the skin.  The wear-time is average for me, and I don't know that the color is terribly unique, but I love the characteristics of the formula so I'm glad I bought it despite my skepticism.  It is very pretty for spring and summer ... I'm sure I will enjoy using it.

If you are interested in Chanel Fleur de Lotus, you will need to order it from a counter.  Call your local Nordstrom for details.  If you don't have a Nordstrom near you, I can recommend the Nordstrom Bellevue Square.  Angie works at the Burberry Beauty Counter, but she will be happy to fill any other cosmetics orders as well including Chanel.  Be sure to ask her to include some Burberry samples if you don't live near a Burberry counter!  You can reach her at 425-455-5800 x1043.


  1. I picked this bush up by an "early accident" along with the eye quad and Rouge Allure Gloss and live it all!! I also grabbed the Rouge Coco in Camelia #10... It looks amazing with that blush!!

  2. Fleur de Lotus looks amazing! I love corals and I really want this. I am not a Nordstrom cardholder so I will have to wait till the 20th. I wonder how much stock my Nordstrom will have! I don't know if I can get there early in the morning on Friday, but I don't want them to sell out

  3. Stacy - I don't have the Camelia, I will have to try it! The blush really is gorgeous ... glad you were able to pick it up :)

    em tiny - I don't think they will sell out if you don't get there first thing in the morning. If they do, you can always see if they can have one shipped to you from another store. You could also call and see if they will either pre-sell it to you or hold it for you to pick up on Friday.