Monday, September 10, 2012

PSA: Sephora Makeup Artist Belt Set - SALE

I would like to direct you to Sephora's website, where they are currently selling their Makeup Artist Belt Set for $99 with free 3-day shipping!  The set would normally sell for $275.  At $99, it amounts to under $7.00 per brush and a free pro brush belt (which Sephora sells separately for $42).  What a fantastic deal!

It looks like Sephora is discontinuing and re-vamping some of these brushes, so they are selling the set at a massive discount to make room for the new products.  Included is their Makeup Artist Belt and 15 brushes:

- Professional Natural Crease Brush #10
- Professional Natural Smudge Brush #11
- Professional Natural All Over Shadow Brush #12
- Professional Natural Medium Eyeshadow Brush #14
- Professional Lash & Eyebrow Comb #21
- Professional Angle Brush #22
- Professionnel Platinum Smokey Eye Brush #24
- Professionnel Platinum Natural Powder Brush #40
- Professionnel Platinum Natural Slant Brush #42
- Professionnel Platinum Natural Fan Brush #43
- Professionnel Platinum Stippling Brush #44
- Professionnel Platinum Concealer Brush #45
- Professionnel Platinum Foundation Brush #47
- Professionnel Platinum Bronzer Brush #48
- Professionnel Platinum Lip Brush #61

I have some of Sephora's Professional brushes, and I am pleased with the quality.  The Smokey Eye Brush #24 is one of my favorites, and Lisa Eldridge recommended it as well in this video of her favorite brushes.  I also like the Crease Brush #10 and the Natural Slant Brush #42.  Those are the ones from this set I have tried, and I recommend them.  Based on my experience, this is a fantastic value!  I have ordered one of these myself.

You can purchase this set by clicking here.  It is not an affiliate link, and I do not receive anything if you click through/purchase.

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