Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Nordstrom Trend Show, Burberry New Lipsticks and GWP

This Saturday, September 15, is Nordstrom Bellevue's Fall Trend Show, and the Burberry Beauty counter will have three new lipsticks in a new matte formula.  They will also be offering two fabulous gifts with purchase!

The new formula is called Velvet, and offers a long-wearing matte finish that will still hydrate the lips.  There will be three shades available now, and 12 in total to follow. I am anxious to try these because I find Burberry's existing lipsticks quite hydrating ... while historically I have found matte lipsticks drying on my lips, I know that if anyone can make a hydrating matte, it's Burberry!

Here are the three shades available at the Trend Show - Military Red, Pink Apricot, and Pink Azalea:
Burberry Velvet lipstick - Military Red

Burberry Velvet lipstick - Pink Apricot

Burberry Velvet Lipstick - Pink Azalea

These shades look gorgeous, especially Military Red and Pink Azalea.  As I said, there will just be these three for now (in a limited quantity for the Trend Show - if you are interested, definitely pre-order), but more are coming soon.

Burberry will also have two gifts with purchase.  The first is available with a $150 purchase, and includes a full-size Pale Rose eye shadow:

The second is a 3-in-1 eye/lip/cheek cube, available with a $200 minimum purchase.  Unfortunately, the only available image is in black and white:

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Angie from Bellevue's Burberry counter says that the color is a little darker than Cameo Pink (you can see Cameo Pink lipstick along with a few others at The Beauty Look Book here and at Cafe Makeup here) and can be applied anywhere on the face, but she particularly recommends the cheeks and lips.

Also - those eye palettes I wrote about in this post will be available in November, and Angie is currently accepting pre-orders for them.   I can't wait to see these palettes!

If you would like to place an order, call Angie at 425-455-5800 x1043, or email Angie.Streeter@nordstrom.com.  She is always very helpful, and she will ship your order for free! Tell her you found her info here at Pretty Addicted.*

*I do not receive anything for referrals.

All images c/o Burberry Beauty  


  1. the full line of velvet lipsticks will be out in november, and there are 15 shades. i so wish i could get my hands on the ones being featured at the trend show. *pouts*

    thank you for the info :)

    1. The Burberry Beauty Counter at Nordstrom Bellevue will have a launch event for the rest of these lipsticks on October 5-6. More information is coming!