Tuesday, August 28, 2012

PSA: Kate Spade Celina Dress - SALE!

I know I don't normally post on clothes here, but I do every now and again when there is something I love.  I had tried the Kate Spade Celina Dress in store and fell in love with it, but there are a lot of things on my list for fall and at $398, the dress just wasn't in my budget.  I have been watching it though, hoping to catch it on sale, and it has paid off!

Today I found the Kate Spade Celina Dress on sale at Bloomingdale's, plus an extra 25% off!  The code TAKE25 is valid for today only (8/28/12).  If you sign up for Bloomie's emails, you can get an extra 10% code on top of that.  The price comes to about $208, and it's even less if you have the extra 10% code for new subscribers.

Kate Spade Celina Dress - image c/o bloomingdales.com

Bloomingdale's offers free shipping on orders over $150, so this dress will ship for free.

The drawback is that the Celina is backordered til October 1, but I have some weddings later that month and this dress will be perfect.  It will also serve me well over the holidays.  I'm excited about this find, and I hope it helps someone!

Click here to see the dress at bloomingdales.com!

FYI:  The link goes directly to Bloomingdale's (NOT an affiliate link) and I do not get anything if you click through or buy it.  This is just a great deal I wanted to share :)

EDIT:  TAKE25 has expired, but you can use BIGBAG20 to get 20% off through Monday Sept. 3.

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